Monday, November 14, 2016

package arrived but they cut through pics of Jesus

hi mama,

kamusta po nay,

great week ngl. back home it was remembrance day, joeys birthday and not to mention you and Dads anniversary! exciting exciting. congrats to all!! 

so all the photos from my camera got erased because of the sketchy computers here. that sucks. i have most of them on a back up card tho so all hope isnt lost. plus an elder told me he might be able to recover them!! lets pray! sucks tho because no pics this week and there were some of the best ones yet. next time maybe.

also this week has had quite a few cold days. 2 nights i actually had to wear a sweater to bed because my blanket (aka bed shet) wouldn't quite cut it. and some late night tricy rides were insane cold. like shivering. loving it tho. 


yeah, so friday i got your package. so epic. they were in pretty bad shape and customs went through it. cut right through Jesus :/ i don't think they took anything. i'm assuming they just took a little looksy. no harm, no foul right? the matching PJs are epic and i thought it was very nice of you to pack stuff for my comp too. he thinks you are pretty awesome. i'm excited about the pictures, advent calenders and candy! tons of canada stuff and my touque, super appreciate. we started the lego advent calendar because it's now like 22 days till Briones leaves me. that will be a sad day. Briones loves the pocket BOM and i threw the small family picture into my BOM and have ben showng it off to everyone. thanks so much. friday was one of the best days yet. it's going to be hard to wait till dec 24 to open the other package but Briones hid it for me so were all good. 

another thing i want to mention is the Zone Meeting we had. so the Zone Leaders talked about what they learned at their meeting with Elder Schmutz, the GA. all about foreordination in the pre-existence. before we came to earth our Heavenly Father foreordained us for the various things we would do in this life. he told me i would serve this mission and in this area and i happily accepted. just as he did with you. he also informed us of our trials and hardships and again we happily accepted and were probably excited to get going. super interesting stuff and they used that topic to reinvigorate us for the work. and it did its job. Briones and i are now a divine teaching machine. nothin but sunny days over here. 

A bunch of less actives are getting active and we are slowly but surely finding more lost sheep. nothin crazy yet so no huge reports to send back home. the work is progressing but mostly just planting seeds. one day someone will harvest. until than we plant some more.


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