Monday, September 19, 2016

i wouldn't change this for anything

hi mama

thats cool jordan got his call. ngl im pretty jealous. utah is a dream boat. he will meet many amazing spiritual giants and learn so much! great place to go. and he will gain weight. 

pretty classic week, i hit 3 months and very soon 100 days!! 1/8 done. crazy. its been a blink full of huge ups and some downs, tons of lessons learned and cherished memories. i wouldnt trade this for anything. these past days i seriously fell in love with this place. its so beautiful and so epic. everyone is soo humble, so chill and in perfect harmony w one another. theres like no laws and also like no crimes. all the streets of del sur have so many pretty flowers and huge massive palm and mango trees. i love mango trees. every street has so many tindahans (like lemonade stands) where random people just sell random snacks for super cheap. i love the tindahans so much. i am really dreading the day i will leave this country. i said to briones the other day "at the end of mission i hope i dont have to leave but rather all my loved ones and friends come here." this place is next level. way funner than calgary lol suckers. seriously everyone just knows what there doing, and whast going on. perfect harmony down here. the dogs dont chase the cats buts dogs, cats, cows, ducks, chickens all live in harmony with each other. perfect harmony. dont make me leave. plus things are actually cooling down!! love the mountain zone. oh but at like 11 every night there seems to be a huge dog party, all the dogs of the block go nuts and bark their hearts put and get in fights right outside our apartment. lol classic. 

i had a tagalog dream! but just like reality, super frustrating because i couldnt understand it. oh and i went ham in the apartment again. mopped and cleaned the walls and all the appliances. you'd be proud. 

i got a new look going. i call it the "eager new dad look" i have gotten into tucking my tshirt into my jeans and shorts. also i started combing my hair to the left!! all my life its gone right. big change. more pogi. 

ive noticed a huge power in hymns. elder briones and i were in this really far away tiny town called kalinga and this 1.5 million y/o lady was just sitting outside. i usually visit her bc she is oh so lonely and bored and has like super bad sight. we sat down and sang "nearer my god to thee" a personal favorite. love being on the lords errand. were singing christmas hymns in church as well. love the -ber months. 

2 new big things. the branch is moving out of the shack and into a proper chapel. very exciting. this is acting as a fresh start for the branch. usual attendance of 30 btw. so we are emphasizing different programs and reorganizing the branch. super rad. perks of a small branch is its super intimate. and also our golden investigator might not end up moving. she has had a baptismal interview and is ready to enter into the covenant. she decides this sunday if shes moving. lots of praying for her to stay. shes amazing and is like a big sister to me, always correcting my tagalog and mannerisms. we also have 2 investigators who want to serve missions! lol wth. big things are happening. investigators are strengthening. Less actives are coming back and the days are getting sunnier. 

the lady who feeds us said "your moms in canada so im your mom now" and a mom she has been. dont worry im being looked after. even tho i said the language is coming last week, ive gotten very frustrated w my lack of understanding. its been way to long of not understanding lessons. ive had some bouts of frustration but its good i can pray in English. multiple times a day i randomly pray for comfort and i receive. super grateful for that. 

keep plugging on through school mom, i know you can do it! pray for guidance and comfort. after trials comes blessings/witness ether 12:6. and good on dad for putting matt and caleb to work, they look super handicapped, must be a gong show. 

lifes good. im happy. 

elder kearl 

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